• Ceilidh Nights

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 31st May 2022

    Traditional Scottish Dancing    If you are looking for some fun and want to try some traditonal scottish dance moves then head along to the view in Oban that sits right above joules shop with the open balacony.  It is great fun ceil...

  • Oban when its raining

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 5th March 2022

    Oban when it’s raining! I know how it feels when it rains instead of sunshine, instant dread and sad face comes over for another day spent inside for some but why not find joy in the rain, jump in puddles, make a splash and smile as a rainbow ...

  • Historic Kilbride

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 8th February 2022

    "A past too rich to have no future."   If you are staying with us this year it would be worth visiting Historic Kilbride, just 3 miles from Oban down Lerags glen. Now that Covid restrictions have lifted this ancient kirkyard is happy to w...

  • Happy New Year, bring on 2022!

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 6th January 2022

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!   Just want to give everyone who stayed with us in 2021 a big thank you for choosing us to book your Scotland holiday with and a very warm welcome to everyone coming so far in 2022! Here is to a good Year ahead.  ...

  • Easdale Island

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 5th July 2021

    Easdale Cottage is live for bookings and booking up quick and here is why....   Easdale is one of the Slate Isles, about 15 miles south of Oban on the west coast of Scotland. The island has a fascinating history, with slate quarried here and s...

  • 20% Discount on Tours and Activities

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 28th June 2021

    Receive 20% off your next tour or activity when you book your holiday!!   Welcome to the UK The United Kingdom is home to more than the Royal Family, Harry Potter, and James Bond. With stunning lakes, dramatic scenery, and multicultural cities...

  • Keep an eye out!!!

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 24th May 2021

    Exciting News Alert!!!   With the current popular demand for stay cations and self catering we are excited to announce that we have some beautiful new properties coming on with us very soon, so please do keep an eye out and check back.  ...

  • What3Words

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 18th May 2021

    We have teamed up with what3words to help our guests find their holiday cottage more easily. What3words is a global addressing system that has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and given each square 3 words from the dictionary to desc...

  • And we are back!!

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 10th May 2021

    So the first week back open has kicked off and we couldnt be happier to have all our returning and new guests back with us enjoying the bonnie banks of Scotland.   It has been a great week so far with all great feedback from our guests. We...

  • New to West Coast Cottages 2021

    Victoria Mossman - Published on 20th February 2021

    Happy 2021 everyone!Although it hasn’t started as we had hoped, we are still looking forward to welcoming our old and new guests back to West Coast Cottages when it is safe to do so.While we haven’t had any guests, we have been busy bee&r...

  • 7 perks of choosing self-catering for your holiday

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 30th November 2020

    Though it is not possible to travel far with restriction in place right now, we can still dream about our next trips to Scotland when this phase is over, and we can roam freely again. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love getting pamper...


    Victoria Mossman - Published on 7th September 2020

    Oban is a perfect destination for any food lover. With miles of glorious coastline, this beautiful part of Scotland is renowned for the seafood hauled fresh from its waters. And you’ll find a host of restaurants, pubs and hotels serving up th...

  • 5 of our favourite walks in and around Oban

    Mossmans - Published on 10th July 2020

    5 Best Walks in and around Oban Many of our guests at West Coast Cottages come to visit our stunning wee town of Oban, however many come and return as it is the perfect pace for outdoor enthusiasts with a range of trails that suit all levels of expe...

  • 5 Reasons To Visit Oban, Scotland

    Victoria Mossman - Published on 23rd June 2020

    We’ve all had to put our travel plans on hold this year, and it hasn’t been easy as our urge to reconnect to the world is stronger than ever. The good news is, that as of the 15th July 2020, our beautiful town Oban and West Coast Cottages...

  • RE-OPENING!!!!

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 18th June 2020

    HURRRRAY, we have a provisional opeing date of the 15th July for self-catering holiday lets!!!   It has been a very odd year so far for everyone and although we are definetely not out the woods yet we can start to see some light at the end of ...

  • Flexible Bookings - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!!

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 5th June 2020

    During this uncertainty we are all going through, we at West Coast Cottage want our guests to be able to have confidence when booking your holiday knowing they are not tied down and have the worry of losing money. We are consumers too and would not w...


    West Coast Cottages - Published on 20th February 2020

    We’re continually looking to expand, adding more incredible properties to our offerings at West Coast Cottages, giving you more choice and more flexibility each time you come to visit the West Coast of Scotland. This year we are proud to preses...

  • Valentine's Day Offers 2020

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 17th January 2020

    Will you be my Valentine!     It is the all important day approaching sooner than you know ladies and gentlemen. Dont forget to treat your loved ones this Valentines day.  why not pull out all the stops and go bigger (than the us...

  • Happy New Year Everyone! :-)

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 15th January 2020

      A very Happy New Year to everyone and here's to 2020!!    As we have kicked off January 2020, some may be feeling the January Blues (ino i am) but lets banish that and get some happy customers onboard.    Here for the ...

  • Festive Gifts for everyone

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 26th October 2019

      As the season is coming to an end, we want to personally thank all our guests who visited us this year so far, it was a great summer had, so as a special thanks and to help with the run-up to Christmas we are giving you a special gift to enjo...

  • Winter Festival

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 24th October 2019

    Share a wintery family day out   With all the beautiful colorful leaves all falling fast, only means one thing... Winter is fastly approaching!! but it doesn't stop here for Oban, we have plenty to keep you enjoying your holiday in the winter....

  • Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 28th September 2019

    Autumn, the time Mother Nature shows us all just how wonderful it is to let go.   An array of incredible colours deepening more with each passing day making Oban even more stunning, if ever that were possible.   Bright clear mornings, l...

  • Don't miss out!

    West Coast Cottages - Published on 19th September 2019

    Availability we have left   Although summer is coming to an end, doesn't mean your holiday has to! This time of year is the best time to head off on your romantic break with a partner or an adventure with friends when the season begins to end,...

  • From Lochs & Mountains to Bagpipes and whiskey: Why you should stop off in Oban, Scotland

    - Published on 18th September 2019

    When you think of Scotland I’m sure many things come to mind - whisky and bagpipes, deep lochs and rugged mountains, historic cities and of course the accent!….. It’s true to say that Scotland has all of these things and more. ...

  • Split the journey up....

    - Published on 5th September 2019

      Luxury West-end-Apartment, Glasgow   Another new addition to the family, which allows guests to split the long journey up if they need to with our luxurious Apartment in the West End of Glasgow.    If you have a long journe...

  • Introducing the Newest addition to the family for 2019

    Gemma Mossman - Published on 30th July 2019

    The newest addition to the family in 2019 ACHALIC BEAG    New to 2019 is our lovely Achalic Beag, just a 10-minute drive from Oban Town Centre, Achalic Beag can be found nestled down a country glen called lerags, surrounded by hills and...

  • Oban Live coming soon!

    Gemma Mossman - Published on 27th May 2019

    Summer is fast approaching, so bring yourself to Oban and start it off with a bang. Oban Live - the music festival of the year for our wee town is only two weeks away. A few tickets left, so don't miss your chance for a great couple of days, listenin...

  • Spring is here!!

    Gemma Mossman - Published on 23rd April 2019

    The Sun is SHINNNNNING!!   West Coast is booming right now with the weather at an all-time high here in Bonnie wee Oban. It doesn't get much better than sitting out at your cottage looking out at some stunning scenery while having a glass of f...

  • Happy Bunnies

    Gemma Mossman - Published on 9th April 2019

      We have beaten our score of excellence here at West Coast Cottages. We like to think we try and our hard work is paying off with our booking.com scores better than ever! Let's hope 2019 we can do it just as well.  putting in some lit...

  • Welcoming Gemma back to the fold.....

    Sam Mossman - Published on 15th November 2018

      We’re proud to welcome Gemma Mossman back to our team   Originally from Oban, she has returned home after traveling around the world.   As you know we are proud to call ourselves a family owned and run ...

  • Hospitality Hero

    Sam Mossman - Published on 14th March 2018

    They say that you can’t please everyone all of the time but here at West Coast Cottages we certainly like to try Having recently been awarded a Hospitality Hero Certification from Booking.com for our beautiful Town Centre Apartment, Argyll Man...

  • West Coast Kayaking

    West Coast Review Magazine - Published on 26th February 2018

    If you are seeking an escape, there can be no sound more welcome than the gentle swish of your own oar cutting through the water, the only other disturbance on an otherwise empty horizon. Sea Kayaking is growing in popularity as an activity that com...

  • Introducing the newest addition to our Cottage selection - Feochan Bheag

    - Published on 19th January 2018

    We’re continually looking to add more incredible properties to our offerings at West Coast Cottages, giving you more choice and more flexibility each time you come to visit the West Coast of Scotland. New for 2018, just a few minutes drive fr...

  • Banish those Winter Blues

    - Published on 19th January 2018

    We know how difficult this time of year can be, so why not give yourself something to look forward to - a short break on the picturesque west coast of Scotland. This winter, we have prices from as little as £100* per night in some of our prop...

  • Take advantage of our Early Bird Booking Discounts available at West Coast Cottages

    - Published on 19th January 2018

    Give yourself something to look forward to this year - a trip to the west coast of Scotland. We’ve put together some Early Bird offers available on all our properties! Use code BIRD18 to save 5% off any new 7 night bookings taken between 2...

  • Blog from the Dog

    Paddy-boy Mossman - Published on 15th January 2018

    Happy New Year to all, I wanted to tell you about the new cottage we have just listed- Feochan Bheag  Because its dog friendly my brother and I have had the duty of checking it out and I can cordially confirm that it is PERFECT! It'...

  • Perfect Oban

    James Gray -Oban Perfect - Cinema & National Television Ad - Published on 8th January 2018

  • Sunsets that set your soul 'afire.....

    Sam Mossman. Music by James Gray - Published on 8th January 2018

    Many of our guests love coming to stay on the west coast of Scotland, not just for the incredible scenery, peace and tranquility, but also for the magnificent sunsets that we are so fortunate to experience right on our doorstep. We’ve put tog...

  • Blog from the Dog

    Paddy-boy Mossman - Published on 29th September 2017

      So…we packed our lunch in a sunblest bag; the children call me Bodie….. Well, it wasn’t really a sunblest bag and my name isn’t Bodie…it’s Paddy-boy Mossman and I am the office dog here at West Coast Co...

  • Activity Special Offers for Customers

    Sam - Published on 4th January 2017

    As though there aren’t enough reasons to arrange at stay at West Coast Cottages, we’re bringing you more! We've got together with a variety of businesses to offer our customers great discounts and offers when staying with us here at West...

  • Welcome to 2017!

    Sam - Published on 4th January 2017

    We would like to wish all of our customers new and old a happy 2017 and we hope to see you this year! There is so much happening at West Coast Cottages this year, we almost don't know where to start! We have the fantastic Samantha at the helm now...