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Welcome to the UK The United Kingdom is home to more than the Royal Family, Harry Potter, and James Bond. With stunning lakes, dramatic scenery, and multicultural cities, there’s a lot to experience, and we’ve got all the best tours and activities to show for it. Better yet, save 20% when you book any experience in the UK. So start browsing, save big, keep calm, and carry on.

Read more about 20% off Activities in the UK – Travel Promotions | Viator.com - https://www.viator.com/collections/uk-promo/c195?mcid=56757


When you book with us there are two simple ways you can receive this excellent promotion;


  • Attached image: This PNG formatted page is a great addition to any welcome email or can be printed to be used in a welcome binder. Guests can use a QR code to browse for nearby activities with the discount automatically applied. 
  • Link:  when you receive your booking confirmation emails, the link will automatically apply the 20% discount to any activity your guest chooses.

Viator helps travelers choose from hundreds of the best things to do in and around the UK and provides products with flexible cancellation policies, contactless payments, and digital tickets to make it easy for every customer to find something memorable to do while enjoying their stay with you.  

This discount is available for any of your guests, no matter how they book with you, and is valid until September 6, 2021


Dont miss out and get booking your actiavites for your holiday.


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