7 perks of choosing self-catering for your holiday

Though it is not possible to travel far with restriction in place right now, we can still dream about our next trips to Scotland when this phase is over, and we can roam freely again.

Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love getting pampered in a hotel suite where your sheets and towels get changed daily and buffets awaiting for you to eat all you can but sometimes getting away is for you and your own personal space, skipping out of the big crowds especially with everything going on in the world right now. So below are just some ideas that sum up why self-catering, in some cases, can be a better option for you.

1. Much more space

With self-catering you have the entire cottage/apartment to yourself, which is ideal, especially when you have some young kids, sometimes being bounded to that one room waiting around after dinner and all the kids want to do is run around and have fun but they can’t can be hard.

Having that wee bit more space, some with gardens, means you will feel more comfortable and this is especially important when it comes to larger groups. You will not have to worry about feeling cramped and sharing communal spaces with other guests – instead, you will have the whole place to yourself.

2. Control over mealtimes and food

This can be a major plus for many people. When you choose self-catering it means you are often responsible for preparing and cooking all your meals. Whilst this may be the last thing some people wish to do while on holiday, to others it is the ideal situation. You can choose what to eat for each meal and when, something that is particularly useful when you have varying dietary requirements to consider and kids.

Our self-catering properties all come fully equipped so you’ll have everything you need to whip up whatever you like, whenever you like – all you’ll need to do is buy what you need locally or bring certain items with you.

3. Privacy

All of our West Coast Cottages properties you will have the entire place to yourself, it means that you can come and go as you please and not have to worry about bumping into fellow guests. All our cottages are rural so have a private entrance and the apartments you have your own set of keys to come and go as you please, don’t need to worry about waking people up if you have had a good night out in the restaurants/pubs, so if it’s privacy you’re after, then self-catering is your go to friend for your holiday.

4. Live like a proper Scot

Staying is our rural self-sufficient properties while on holiday allows you to experience the place as if you were a local. Essentially, you will be in the country– the most authentic experience a visitor could hope for. Once you have stayed here you will have a whole new love for Scotland as a result. In other words: it is a home away from home in every sense of the phrase.

5. Bring along your pets

The most important aspect for some guests. Who wants to leave their furry friend behind when they can enjoy a new place and have an adventure as well? We have some cottages that are dog friendly – that we believe the dogs have loved just as much as the owner! With most the cottages you have walks straight from your door and a garden for them to play in, you then have a cosy log burner stove to relax in front of after.   

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is another great perk of self-catering. This is something you’re bound to appreciate even more with covid if you’re travelling with kids - you won’t have the usual limitations in place such as set meal times and the use of facilities within certain hours or keeping the 2 metres apart in the hall ways wearing masks as soon as you leave the bedroom. Instead you’ll have the freedom to eat breakfast at midday if you wanted without having to get down before everything is gone, dinner at 5pm and enjoy a midnight stroll or a few drinks in the pub – the possibilities are endless.

7. Great value for money

The real winner has to be that self-catering rentals usually work out to be more cost effective than big lavish hotels, especially for big groups, paying for separate rooms can work out rather expensive and that’s before adding on extras like food and drink. So, if your wanting to stick to a budget you can oversee how little or how much you want to spend during your stay.


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