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Happy New Year to all,

I wanted to tell you about the new cottage we have just listed- Feochan Bheag 

Because its dog friendly my brother and I have had the duty of checking it out and I can cordially confirm that it is PERFECT!

It's a real social space to be able to be part of the human family on holiday.

Nestled in the heart of the glen there's so much space to tear about in, which we took HUGE advantage of, and then had our paws cleaned in the big utility before laying down to relax and warm our bones in front of the range cooker.

Of course, Feochan Bheag, is not the only dog friendly property we have here, Springbank and Tigh Grianach both welcome my friends from all over the world

As Mummy steadily increases the cottages for you to choose from I will be checking them out and report back as its really important that you have a knee- high, real-time view on the situation so as you can guide your humans when they are making their booking.

Meanwhile back in the office at West Coast Cottages, I have mostly been on supervisory duties over the winter, its sounds like an easy ride, especially as the days have been so short but let's not forget I have had to train Michael up too. He's our new postman and its taken a while to get him up to speed. Mummy and he like to chat which takes me longer to get him to move his van...

Sometimes it's hard to stay on top of the human training as well as everything else but I can't complain as we've had some wonderful wintry walks this last few weeks and the snow-capped mountains have been a joy to behold. Last Sunday I took my family to the top of Beinn Lora, they didn't set out to get to the top, but they did and what a view!!! 


It so makes a pub lunch and a beer by the fire taste even better.

Well peeps, it's another full moon tonight and the view from along at Grannda Mhor will be absolutely incredible. The light of the moon bounces off the water in the bay and lights the whole hillside up like a postcard. It really is the most incredible vantage point.

Mummy has just had it repainted, some feature tiles added to the kitchen and some beautiful new curtains to frame the panoramic window added for the 2018 season- we really hope that you enjoy the cottage as much as we do.

Must dash for now, I have some ball patrol to attend to and Michael the postman will be here soon...we cant have any lapses in his training.

Happy Spring 2018 everybody


Paddy-boy Mossman



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