Ceilidh Nights

Traditional Scottish Dancing 


If you are looking for some fun and want to try some traditonal scottish dance moves then head along to the view in Oban that sits right above joules shop with the open balacony. 

It is great fun ceilidh dancing and will get you laughing so hard your tummy will hurt after. You may come out with a few bruises around the arms as we like to get carried away but i can assure you it is SO worth it!! Fun for all ages, family, friends, partners and solo travelers, it is a great mix and social enviroment to get involved with on your holiday. 


I am happy to announce that "The view" are now offering all our guests a discount when they book online, please see details below;


They are now launching their own kitchen shortly - 6th June (used to be just drinks) with the aim of serving food by that weekend.


Ceilidh nights will return on a Monday & Thursday, and we'll add more nights as demand returns.


We'd like to offer all of your guests a 15% discount for our ceilidh nights if they book online in advance. 


To redeem this offer please visit https://www.obanview.com/ceilidhs/ and use the promo code WCC15 


Dont miss out on this, you wont regret it! 



Published by: West Coast Cottages