Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling

Autumn, the time Mother Nature shows us all just how wonderful it is to let go.


An array of incredible colours deepening more with each passing day making Oban even more stunning, if ever that were possible.


Bright clear mornings, low sunlight still strong enough to break through the photogenic mist hanging out eerily over Loch Feochan to bounce straight off the morning dew.


The salmon have spawned, the deer are rutting and the wild berries abundant.

Far from being the prequel to Christmas, autumn is the season of reconciliation, a time to gather our souls right back up and create space. Space between the speed of life and the here and now.


The throng of summer visitors has dissipated leaving the town buzzing with locals going about their day, their work done and the calm palpable.


Breathe. Draw the nourishing autumn air deep into your lungs.

As the striking sunsets still fall beautifully over Oban Bay framing the islands beyond - the choice of things to do is as plentiful as the Oban Whisky. A trip to the islands, mosey on by with the locals or just sit on back by the log fire and reconcile, our West Coast Cottages are the perfect place to have it all.


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