And we are back!!

10th May 2021

So the first week back open has kicked off and we couldnt be happier to have all our returning and new guests back with us enjoying the bonnie banks of Scotland.  

It has been a great week so far with all great feedback from our guests. Weather has been a bit of a mix but hasnt spoilt anyones week and with the lambs getting that bit older, its great taking a walk and watching them jump, kick and bounce about with each other. 


To keep our spirits high and keep our larger property going but keeping in line with government guidelines, we are delighted to announce we will be offering our guests a single household/extented household a discount for their stay throughout May/June. The idea is to keep our large self-catering property - Feochan Bheag affordable for smaller groups. 


How does the reduced occupancy discount work?

  • Book direct with us 
  • Choose which rooms you’d like to use during your stay (we’ll get in touch and can recommend the best ones for you)
  • We will then close off the remaining bedrooms in the property. This helps us cut our costs and offer you the incredible discounts!

It is very important that the rooms that have been blocked off are not used by you during your stay. If you do use these rooms, you will be charged for the use of the full lodge – this will equal the regular price of your stay.


*minimum stay - please get in touch to check prices and last minute bookings

- 07810347842 

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