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29th September 2017


So…we packed our lunch in a sunblest bag; the children call me Bodie…..

Well, it wasn’t really a sunblest bag and my name isn’t Bodie…it’s Paddy-boy Mossman and I am the office dog here at West Coast Cottages…..

My humans moved me and the other animals here last year to take over the family business from my Uncle Colin and Jo…they are in a retirement home



It’s NOT a Retirement Home…it’s a house that they have retired to.

It’s here in Lerags Glen

Lovely it is.

Beautiful views and a real sun trap.

Perfect for their greenhouse……. when they go on holiday Mummy pinches the crops….



I am not supposed to tell you that either.

Oh dear. I am not used to this blogging craic.

What I am supposed to tell you about are the bright and crisp autumn mornings with a low and warming sun deepening the colour of the berries and turning the leaves an array of colours like that of an 80’s banger by Boy George.

I’m supposed to say we have late availability for autumn and some for Hogmanay.

I’m also supposed to tell you that we are waving goodbye to the last lit of summer and what a good one it was, with days out on the RIB to see the seals (my sister looks just like a seal when Mummy chucks the ball into the Loch) a wonderful weekend spent at Oban Live entertained by the incredible ‘We Banjo 3’, a very patriotic day at the Oban Games and a whole new penchant for an array of island gins sipped decadently on the decking as the sun went down beyond the hills.

I am supposed to tell you about our wonderful new cottage, Grannda Mhor and how pleased we all are with the fabulous panoramic window, the beautiful décor, the views that nourish your soul and how incredible the feedback has been.

I’m supposed to tell you that there is 10% off this cottage next year if you stay 5 nights or more and that you just have to look on our Special Offers page

But…. all I really want to tell you about are the hills, the light and the breath-taking views.  

Nothing prepared us for this.

I knew our walks would be so much longer and so much more fun. I even expected to get a bit of trench foot because I heard lots of people telling Mummy about the rain.

That was a hoax; the beauty here is undeniable.

The weather is like my Aunt, an unpredictable woman who brings us the deepest joy, a ray of sunshine when you least expect and just when you think the day is over, she brings you an incredible evening sky. But, you definitely need to prepare for her arrival because you can never be too sure.


Speak soon



Paddy-boy Mossman


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