From Lochs & Mountains to Bagpipes and whiskey: Why you should stop off in Oban, Scotland

18th September 2019

When you think of Scotland I’m sure many things come to mind - whisky and bagpipes, deep lochs and rugged mountains, historic cities and of course the accent!….. It’s true to say that Scotland has all of these things and more.  There is no doubt that it’s mysterious, ancient and breathtakingly beautiful - this part of the UK has something for everyone, even the weather….sometimes! Lovers of the outdoors and nature will be in heaven - from the unspoilt splendour of the Cairngorms peaks and the Trossach Mountains, to the wilderness of the Outer Hebrides, the shorts of Loch Ness and the sandy beaches of the Isle of Skye. If you are a fan of the great outdoors, then there is no better place - golf, kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, - endless adventure really, then you in the right place. If you just want to relax and enjoy the views or visit a distillery, explore castles, scale mountains or swim in sea lochs, then there’s no better starting point than Oban.

Let’s face it, there are many fantastic places in Scotland, they’re all superb, but we will just point out how wonderful Oban is! You are in the gateway to the isles at this point so there is multiple stopovers to be had, such as - the Outer Hebrides, a cluster of somewhat 200 islands, only 15 of which are inhabited. That fact alone should give you a sense of how unique this part of the world can be, very remote and secluded is the feeling. If you are looking for peaceful isolation, diverse scenery, fascinating history, and a vast amount of wildlife, then look no further. Enjoy the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean breeze sail through your hair and over your cheeks (nothing better than some brisk clean ocean air) while capturing some wildlife along the way, full of Otters, basking sharks, seal, dolphins and many more.

As you, all know Scots love a drink or two. Whisky being Scotland’s profound drink that is enjoyed across the world, so why not see how it is made. Here in Oban you can enjoy a tour through the Oban distillery, with of course a couple of drams to smooth you over. Oban distillery is one of the oldest and smallest distilleries in Scotland, this tour will show you how the lovely Oban 14-year-old single malt is produced and how the flavors are recognised.

Oban also boasts “Seafood Capital of Scotland” with some of the finest seafood you will try! From Mussels, oysters, prawns, crab, you will have plenty to choose from with many of the local anglers sourcing every day to produce the freshest and simply the best you can get. While you may not want to prepare this for yourself, not to worry as there are exceptional restaurants to dine at for the great quality Seafood.

For anyone with that sweet tooth, Oban has you covered on that side as well. Overflowing with mouth-watering edibles, you only have to think, which to choose first. Obviously chocolate….right? Step into the chocolaty world of heaven at the Oban Chocolate factory, where you can see the magic being made. Take your pick, fiery chili, smooth fruity strawberry, caramel barrel, bursting orange, and many more! Or relax with a special tea or coffee in there sofa’s and watch the world go by with its open windows overlooking the bay, you may find yourself in there all day!

If you want to visit Oban, we still have some availability left but filling fast so do not miss out enjoying all that you can in Oban. It really is beautiful in every aspect!


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