Historic Kilbride

8th February 2022

"A past too rich to have no future."


If you are staying with us this year it would be worth visiting Historic Kilbride, just 3 miles from Oban down Lerags glen. Now that Covid restrictions have lifted this ancient kirkyard is happy to welcome visitors once again, so do take a drive or walk along and explore the Church of Saint Bride the Virgin in Lorn. You will be greeted by a very friendly and chatty man (Liam) who lives and works the kirkyard and would love nothing more than to speak about the history it holds, dating back to the 6th century where the Chiefs of Clan MacDougall have been laid to rest here, along with some 300 others from all walks of life.

The non-profit organisation Friends of Kilbride was formed in 2015 to preserve and promote the site, and is leading an ambitious programme of restoration and renovation of its built heritage, so please pop along and give your support and a memory for your holiday. 


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