Covid-19 Information sheet

Now we have a provisional opening date of the 3rd July from the Government, we are starting to take bookings for the cottages.

With this in mind and still such uncertainty we have made the decision to make booking flexible for your peace of mind. Bookings for at least the rest of the summer/year will now not require a deposit, so you will not pay a penny when making the booking. Instead we will wait untill we know your booking will be going ahead so the full balance will also now be due not 30days before but 14 or 7 days before your arrival date, which also allow you to cancel free of charge if need be.

Our cottages are all mainy in rural areas and where not, social distancing is well practised here being a small town. Locals will welcome visitors as long as government advice on on Covid-19 is maintained. Our self - check in procedure will remain in operation like always you will receive your arrival instructions on how to access the property to further protect guests and staff. 

We have implemented new cleaning protocols and done risk assessment across all properties to ensure a high standard 2 step clean and disinfect is achieved. All cleaners will go through training and checklists for every clean and of course will be wearing the full PPE equipement to do changeovers, in addition we have completed the Covid-19 cleaning training course. We are following every guideline set out by ASSC, BH & HPA through Scottish government.

It has been a tough few months since the close and have been very greatful to all the guests support throughout. so know that we are back up and running for the middle of summer please do have a browse of our beautiful cottages and hopefully see you very soon when things return to the new normal.

We are delighted to be able to welcome guests back to West Coast Cottages after the Coronavirus Lockdown.  As you will understand, new cleaning and safety protocols have had to be put in place, to assure the safety of you – our guests – and that of our staff and family.

Following pacific guidelines, we use the advised two-step cleaning schedule.  Before you arrive, once the cleaning is finished, to its usual high standard, we then go round again, sanitising everything with an approved disinfectant.  Care is taken to ensure “high touch” areas are not missed – light switches, remote controls, handles, rails, keys etc.


Important - Our Water & Sewage Treatment Plant for Rural Cottages 

Being rural, (in certain properties) we are NOT on mains drainage but have our own water and sewage treatment plant.  This is very efficient, and really environmentally friendly, and generally works brilliantly, producing water clean enough to go directly into a watercourse, but it does need to be managed properly.  It is REALLY IMPORTANT that you please do NOT bring or use any bleach or antibacterial detergents, antibacterial hand soaps or antibacterial cleaning agents with you on holiday to use in the cottage.  We cannot use these with our water treatment system.  We provide you with non-bio washing tabs, liquid soap, and septic-tank friendly cleaning agents.  Do feel free to use your own, but only if it they are septic-tank-friendly (i.e. non-biological and not antibacterial).  Septic tanks, treatment plants, and biodigesters work because they contain millions of good bacteria that munch everything up, break down solids, and keep odours under control.  Bleach and antibacterial agents don’t differentiate between good and bad bacteria.  They kill both, and stop the treatment plant from working, which could have disastrous consequences for both your comfort, and potentially your health.  We can manage this during changeovers by using highly powerful virucides and storing them until they can safely be disposed of when they have broken down harmlessly after 24 hours.  This is not the case for household bleach or antibacterial sprays ending up being washed down the sink.  We do provide you with septic-tank-friendly cleaning agents, and also with antibacterial surface wipes, which can be used to sanitise but thrown in the bin.  Please use these instead.  This will protect the water treatment system (and you… you really don’t want to upset it!).


Covid Care of bespoke action while it is reassuring to know that the science now seems to be saying that contracting Coronavirus from touch is low risk - - the advice is still to maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently (or use hand sanitiser where washing isn’t possible) and use masks and gloves when in enclosed areas where social distancing is difficult.  To help ease you, we have provided you with hand sanitiser and antibacterial handwipes in each property for entering and leaving.


End of stay bed Linen removal to protect our staff, the industry guidance recommendation is to request guests to strip bed sheets ONLY - (please do not put pillow/mattress protector in with these as they go else where for cleaning) before departure and place bedding and towels in the bags provided (if no bag left, please wrap all linen up in one sheet).  The laundry will then be removed and left for 72 hours before being laundered, to minimise contamination risk.  Please also ensure the bin bags are removed from the cottage and placed in the outside bins.  We appreciate that this isn’t the most glamorous end to a relaxing holiday, but we do need to minimise the risk to our staff, so your cooperation here would be greatly appreciated.  It would also be appreciated if you could leave the windows open (another recommendation from the protocol).  If it is raining, then obviously not too wide, but enough to provide a through-draft to air the place out.

Dishwasher - we are required to re-wash all crockery and cutlery between changeovers, which is obviously time consuming, so it would be really helpful if you could fully load the dishwasher and set it running before leaving.  Please leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher, so that we know that batch has been done.  Many thanks!

If you get ill during your stay if you or a member of your party develops symptoms of Coronavirus during your stay, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible.  There is a different set of procedures that applies in the event of suspected actual case of disease at any given place that we would need to follow. Government advice if you suspect you have developed the symptoms of Coronavirus is for you and your party to go home and self-isolate there asap.  Extracted from UKH guidance - Suspected coronavirus cases in your business: “If a guest presents themselves with symptoms of COVID-19 or is asymptomatic but declares the need to self-isolate, they should be advised to check out and return home to self-isolate according to current government guidance.  If the guest shows acute symptoms has breathing difficulties or their life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately.” We hope that you will have a fabulous holiday.  The “new normal” may be slightly different than what we are all used to, but it is great to be able to get away again, and if we all take responsibility for minimising risk, then hopefully we won’t get locked down again!


If you have any questions, please call us – mobile 07810347842 or 07760222154.


Thank you for choosing West Coast Cottages for your Holiday, we look forward to having you stay in the near future!


Stay safe and well,


The Mossman’s

Covid 19 Enhanced cleaning check list for Self-Catering Cottages


Property Name:

Cleaned by:


Appropriate PPE (gloves, mask apron) should be worn when cleaning, and PPE should be changed between properties

Cleaning Check List

All surfaces are to be cleaned first, then disinfected

Consideration should be taken to address the impact of children as well as adults: touching lower wall heights and parts of furniture. 




Key lock box


Front door keys


External handles wipes and disinfected




Communal Parts/Living room/Lounge


Internal doors and door furniture wiped and disinfected


Wipe down walls (children’s handprints)


High level surfaces dusted


Light and power switches wiped and disinfected


Surfaces, including skirting boards wiped and disinfected


Banister rails wiped and disinfected


Window’s cleaned


Hard Floors and carpet hoovered and sprayed with disinfectant mist


Wipe and disinfect fire extinguishers


Electrical equipment, wifi hub & remote controls wiped with disinfectant


Curtains and furnishings sprayed with detol disinfectant


Bins disinfect






Internal doors and door furniture wiped and disinfected


Wipe down walls (children’s handprints)


High level surfaces dusted


Light and power switches wiped and disinfected


Surfaces, including skirting boards wiped and disinfected


Window’s cleaned


Floors hoovered and wiped sprayed with disinfectant mist


Wipe and disinfect fire extinguishers & blanket cover


Curtains and furnishings sprayed with dettol disinfectant


Bins disinfect


Washing machine / dish washer / microwave / kettle / toaster: clean and sanitise doors, handles and controls


Oven and hob: clean and disinfected surfaces, doors, handles and controls 


Fridge: clean and disinfected inside and out, including handles 


Pans, crockery, utensils to be washed in the dishwasher


Drawers and cupboards wiped and disinfected


Clean and disinfect any highchairs






Internal doors and door furniture wiped and disinfected


High level surfaces dusted 


Light and power switches wiped and disinfected 


All surfaces and furniture, including skirting boards wiped and disinfected 


Drawers and cupboards wiped and disinfected 


Soft furnishings and curtains sprayed with dettol disinfectant 


Carpets hoovered and sprayed with disinfectant mist


Empty Bins and disinfect   


Cushions sprayed with Dettol disinfectant


Pillow protectors and mattress protectors changed






Internal doors wiped and disinfected


High level surfaces dusted 


Light and power switches wiped and disinfected 


Clean tiles shower / bath / sink including pedestals and splashbacks and taps  


Remove shower head and clean 


Clean plugholes and pour disinfectant down 


Clean and sanitise toilet bowl using a toilet brush to agitate the cleaning process and include under the toilet rim then disinfect toilet brush


All surfaces and furniture, including skirting boards wiped and disinfected 


Mirrors and windows sanitised


Hard flooring hoovered and mopped with disinfectant 




Outside Space


Ensure bins and labelled (separate bin for used cloths and PPE equipment) 


Disinfect bin lids 


Clean outdoor furniture and gates 


Clean any outdoor play equipment & Barbeques 




Hoovers & mop handles disinfected and mop heads left in sanitiser


Following on from a very confusing couple of days of if self-catering was included or not in the new rule, I am very sorry to have to issue a further update on the One Household Rule as Scottish Government has revised it’s position and advice.  It has now been confirmed that the rule does apply to Holiday Self Catering Properties and will be enacted in law tomorrow, this is as noted in the release that Fergus Ewing gave to ASSC last night and as noted below.
The application of this measures will prevent some guests from taking up their holiday. 

In accordance Scottish government directives to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, and the announcement that all guest accommodation is included in the 1 household rule effectively from 25/9/20. We want all our guest to have a wonderful break here in Oban, Scotland but with the current situation it makes that difficult if you were wanting to come with freinds and family, therefore, would like to offer you the option to modify or prospone your arrival date.  

We are a small family business, and this is has hit tourism in our beautiful area hard. It is nothing short of catastrophic and I know our sector will not be the only one to suffer. However, there are things you can do to make this situation easier for all of us:

1. If you want to cancel your booking, you may very well have travel insurance that will cover the stay. You may have your own separate travel insurance, or be covered by your bank account benefits, and most credit card providers also include travel insurance as a standard benefit. Please check your policy now, and if you have cover, make a claim. We will happily provide an invoice or other evidence to support your claim.

2. The best thing you can do, both for you and for us, is not to cancel, but merely to postpone. we would be delighted to allow guests to postpone their visit. We can move your booking to a new date either to the end of this season or even to 2021. Please don’t hesitate to contact us (probably best by email) to discuss. Likewise, if you would still like to take up your holiday with one household, please get in touch to discuss options. 

3. Alternatively, we can offer a voucher for the full value of your current booking. This can be redeemed against the property later – valid for a full year from issue – either by phone or online through our booking system. Clearly we can’t issue a voucher if you are intending to cancel and claim a refund from your insurance, but even if you have insurance the time and effort to make a claim may make a voucher for the full value an easier option for you. It would be our preferred course of action for all our guests.

These are unsettling and uncertain times for everyone. It has been hugely comforting to find that many of our guests have already asked us to postpone their break. The situation has now changed in Scotland and we are requesting our guests to do this – it is a great way to support us and the local community so that we can welcome you back as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Please take care and stay safe.

All the very best,
Gemma & Colin